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Applied Consciousness Coaching

Applied Consciousness Coaching works with the fundamental ‘rules’ of life. What we habitually think or believe about ourselves becomes our reality. When we understand the responsibility we have for our experience of life – then we can set about changing the ‘cause’ and create a positivity that will attract the outcomes that are necessary for success and fulfilment.

What can you expect to get?

Dynamic all Encompassing Life Skills
Eliminate Self Sabotaging Habits
Attract Positive and Fulfilling Outcomes
Deep Understanding and Self Knowledge
Create Balance and Harmony

By its very nature Applied Consciousness Coaching is focused on individual ‘needs’ of the client, but the basic principles are common to all. We therefore offer workshops for small groups in surroundings which will allow for relaxation and reflection away from the influences that can distract from progress.

What we habitually think or believe creates our perception of our inner and outer experiences. By understanding the creative function of our thinking and adjusting our thoughts according to the changes we wish to make, we can ‘expect’ to experience great improvements in all areas of life.

Applied Consciousness Coaching (ACC) has been formed from the study of human consciousness and thought, through the works of many of the worlds philosophies and renowned teachers. The application of the processes that has been created from these studies brings about dynamic changes to inner and outer experience of life.

ACC is an ongoing coaching system for business and/or personal improvement. Courses in the basic principles of the processes are also available to individuals or small groups in the UK and in Europe, the Far East and North America.

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