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Dating Essentials

5 Things You Absolutely Must Know

1. Do you know what your looking for?

2. Can you handle rejection. (Perhaps several times)

3. Do you have robust self esteem?

4.  Are you easily duped?

5. Would you go out with yourself?

There are of course many more things that are essential to know but we have to start somewhere.

Dating Support

Many of those who find themselves single either after a relationship breakdown or bereavement feel that they would like to find a new relationship. This can be quite a daunting prospect. There are many avenues available to  those setting out on the path to finding a new companion – Dating Agencies, Newspaper Columns and Services and of course Online Sites – there are  so many that even the decision of which is best for you can be very confusing.

Having chosen which method to use there is then the task of filling out your profile – How do you describe yourself? – what type of person are you looking for? – what kind of relationship do you want? It can be so confusing and off putting.

Over many years of working in the personal development field as a therapist and coach, I have helped many clients through the dilemmas of dating. Many have fallen at the first hurdle because they don’t think they are able to cope with meeting strangers or haven’t a clue how to present themselves. The cardinal rule is to be comfortable with yourself – feel happy with yourself and do not try to find someone who can make you feel better about yourself. Some fall into the trap of trying to replace a partner they have lost – another major error which can lead to more frustration and heartache. Take charge of the situation and don’t allow yourself to be compromised. One of the first questions I ask a client is ‘would you like to be in a relationship with yourself’ – ask yourself that question now and be very honest with your answer.

So what I am saying is, before your set out or give up – be happy with yourself and be prepared to adjust your views and look forward to new experiences on your own terms.

It is precisely because there are so many people now involved in the ‘dating game’ that I have developed my Dating Preparation and Support Programme. I offer one to one help with starting out and ongoing advice, either personal face to face, via Skye or by phone. I also arrange informal group meetings to give general advice and  allow others to share their experiences which is a great way to find out about the pitfalls and highs of dating and to reassure that ‘it’s not just you’.

This is not a dating service but I believe that if you are prepared then the whole experience will be far more positive and fulfilling.

Please feel free to contact me for more information or to arrange a consultation. Group meetings are generally held in SE England but can be arranged in most areas.