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All of my treatments and services are available online via Skype, Google Talk or  Telephone. This page can be used to make your payments once we have arranged an appointment. The following headings are the most popular services.

Weight Control     £150

Based on a 3 session programme designed to fit the clients individual needs. Treatment usually includes hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and other techniques designed to give optimum results.

Phobia Release     £150

Based on 2 sessions of treatment to ensure permanent relief from your fear, phobia, or anxiety. Some problems can be resolved more quickly and if time is an issue an intensive course can be arranged. Should further treatment be required after the initial 2 a further £45 per session is charged.

Smoking Cessation     £175

My Stop Smoking method is designed as a one-off treatment to give permanent results. I back this up with further treatment should it be necessary at no further cost in the first 12 months.

Other Treatments

Because each treatment for countless other problems are tailored to the clients individual needs the number of sessions will vary accordingly. During our Free Initial Consultation I will give an estimate of the amount of treatments required.

Sleep Problems, Stress, Confidence, Self Esteem, Habits / Addictions, Anxiety, Relationship, Sexual Issues, Exam / Test Stress and much much more can be resolved on-line.

1st Session     £75

Subsequent Sessions     £60

MP3 Downloads   £3.95

The following mp3 titles are available for you to download, the content is based on the therapeutic and motivational techniques I employ in my live sessions.

All content is entirely safe to use and at no stage does the listener lose control. Because of the nature of the content they should not be used whilst driving or operating equipment or machinery.

Here is the current List of mp3s available for download. Once payment is made you will be sent a link to your purchase, please make sure your correct email address is included.

Tranquillity Cove

A guided relaxation, taking the listener to a quiet peaceful place to help release stress and anxiety.

Relax and Let Go

Deep relaxation, for letting go of the pressures that life can put upon us.

And So To Sleep

This title is designed to help break a pattern of sleeplessness and establish a natural, restful sleep expectation. Using breathing and relaxation techniques to aid the process.

Gastric Band

A powerful weight control treatment. I guide the listener through the fitting of a virtual Gastric Band to help reduce appetite and motivate the goal of losing unwanted fat.

Get Fit Stay Fit

A motivational exercise programme. Helping to establish a healthy attitude to fitness and exercise, realising that we can get fitter in our normal daily routines by focusing on what we are doing. We don’t have to go to the gym or engage in extreme activities to get and stay fit.

Thinking Thinner

This Positive Syncing title is designed to help create a new body image as part of a weight control programme. By establishing a positive mindset about our physical appearance the process of losing weight can be made easier and more enjoyable – feel the results before your start.

Drinking Less

Alcohol can be a very destructive drug, many fall foul of it’s addictive nature, physically and socially. This recording is not for those who are clinically addicted but it is a very effective aid to gaining control of how much you drink and maintaining focus on what you are doing and keeping your self respect.

Smoking Cessation

This recording sets out to create the attitude of a non smoker – smoking is a habit that becomes so deeply ingrained into the smokers self image that they can’t imagine themselves without it. By thinking differently and reinforcing the will power, success and freedom are achieved. Using proven therapeutic and motivational  techniques. This Positive Syncing title is an essential aid to a smoke free life.

Anger Antidote

As the title indicates this recording helps to overcome the destructive emotion of anger and maintain a more relaxed attitude. Anger does not just effect the sufferer but all those who are associated with them.

Deal With Debt

Debt can cause many negative effects on the debtor and their family. Debt consciousness can enslave and limit the ability to rise out of financial restriction. This Positive Syncing title helps to create a consciousness of abundance and expansiveness and  open the mind to be more receptive to opportunities to overcome limiting beliefs.

Getting Over a Relationship or Loss

The end of a relationship by whatever circumstance can be very difficult to come to terms with. It can be hard to imagine how life is going to be without the companionship that has been lost. This title will help you to see things from a more positive perspective and help the process of moving on.

Dating Dynamics

Dating can be a very daunting experience, whether you are just starting out or returning to the scene after the end of a relationship. Self confidence is a must – if you don’t feel good about yourself you will project that image to prospective new partners. You must feel confident and able to make the right choices for yourself and not fall into old negative patterns.

Dating Confidence

This title helps build  more confidence and a positive attitude towards dating. How to build a positive self image and enjoy a rewarding experience when meeting new people.

Exam & Test Confidence

Taking exams or tests can be very nerve racking, you know your stuff but when it comes to demonstrating your knowledge you fall to pieces. This recording will help you to stay calm and focused before and throughout the experience.

Better Golf

Golf can be a very rewarding game, whether played for pleasure or competition, it can also be very frustrating. Players can develop bad habits or traits that spoil their enjoyment of the game – Yips and other ‘tics’ seem to be ‘incurable’ but by changing mental and emotional focus it is possible to return to your standard and even improve your game.

Challenge Cancer

The diagnosis of cancer is a very distressing event not just for the sufferer but for all those around them.  It is paramount that a positive attitude is maintained to aid treatment and recovery. It is well documented that those with a determined will to overcome, will have a far better chance of winning through. This recording will help to establish a positive attitude and the inner strength needed to prevail.

Beautiful Breasts

Body image has become such a powerful requirement in today’s society that if one doesn’t feel ‘up to the mark’ it can lead to depression and other debilitating symptoms. Some women resort to drastic measures to ‘improve’ their appearance when others see them as being perfectly fine as they are. In this title I have set out to boost a positive sense of self and use the body’s own resources to make changes to shape and firmness. Mental and emotional feelings and beliefs have a direct effect on our physical being so by aligning the inner powers outer effects can be changed.

Penis Envy

Many men judge themselves on unrealistic images, they can feel inadequate and less masculine if they feel their penis size is not as big as they feel it should be. The more they fret the worse it becomes. Sometimes negativity can be reinforced by bad experiences like being taunted by partners or perhaps in the locker room. By changing ones attitude and focusing on the constructive thoughts, confidence can be restored and by reinforcing a more positive attitude to their penis, strength and size can be improved.

Now Available

Bespoke MP 3 Recordings

I am able to offer a bespoke mp3 service. I will record a treatment specific to your requirements to ensure maximum benefit from your listening. This service entails a one to one consultation to ascertain your requirements and suitability of a recorded treatment. Please contact me for more details and fees.