Case Stories

Case Stories and Validations


The following are examples of how Positive Syncing works. There is no area of life that can’t be changed if you apply the principles and clear conscious and subconscious blocks.


Golf and More

Just wanted to update you on my progress over the past couple of weeks as I’ve observed some noticeable differences in the way I’ve experienced a few things.

Firstly, I had a gig as a fanfare trumpeter, opening a performance in front of 3,500 people. A gig I would normally dread as there’s choreography combined with playing. It was a very exposed situation and a gig in which I could be highly critical of myself and prone to self sabotage. I was really surprised at the low levels of self talk throughout the rehearsal/performance process. I was much more like the performer I want to be and maintained a calm, present and quiet state of mind throughout the performance. Under my usual high standard, things were by no means ‘perfect’ but, I was accepting of the situation and open to a positive outcome (which did result). The performance went very well and the experience was much more enjoyable than many recent performances I’ve had.

I played golf today with a close buddy of mine at his club. A much harder course than my home course. Whilst I had a slow start, I experienced no internal pressure to lift my game. If my mind was clear, I’d execute to my potential and things improved all day. I made some great shots to recover on the score card and enjoyed the course and the company. That being said, I had a pressure putt on the final hole to achieve my handicap for the day. I missed the putt but felt free of any self criticism during the process. In fact, I was strangely at ease about it, thinking forwards to my next game almost immediately. The competitiveness of the day didn’t seem to matter to me today as well. I was aware of the scores but seemed to be not so effected by them, this was also a noticeable change in my approach.

I’ve got some time off this week and am looking forwards to my next rounds. Thanks for your support. Enjoy your Christmas.

Craig – Victoria, Australia




Stop Smoking plus


Hello David,


I hope this email finds you well, apologies that it is a bit out of the blue!


You treated me with hypnosis 18 months ago so I could stop smoking, and 18 months down the I still cannot imagine myself as a smoker, and I have no desire to swap my better health, smell and attitude to return to my fomer self!


Having a treatment with yourself is the single best thing I have done, often I just find myself thinking “wow, that is amazing” when I am going about everyday life!


I was having a pondering session the other day whilst on a journey in the car and just thought  to myself I never really did say thank you.


My life has turned around since quitting and I often recommend you to friends and family, I know some of them would have contacted you and had complete success and some I give your number to and you can see they are not ready in themselves to take that step.


Thanks again, I would definitely consider you for other treatments but for now life is good, happy and healthy!


Kind Regards,
Sarah – Surrey UK



The Wedding Party

Dear David,


I write to you the day following the wedding party. I can safely say it was one of the best days of my life! It was as amazing as the wedding day itself, it was also an amazing accomplishment for me and I am really proud about it. I awoke in the morning calm, cool and collected, I remained this way throughout the day even though  it was really hectic. Any concerns I dealt with and brushed aside. I was excited not anxious! Before the party I sipped some champagne at home, loved getting ready and left home with the tiniest amount of interference. I was buzzing! The ride up in the Rolls was so satisfying – I was enjoying myself! The party couldn’t have been more perfect- and yes there were hiccups and things that didn’t go according to plan but they didn’t bother me in the slightest. People had kept asking me up to the party, ”are you stressed?” the answer ”no” because I wasn’t! I was excited! The amazing thing is I even had people notice how unbothered I was about everything and just so relaxed!


I had become the person I had visualised, it was amazing.


I truly know things happen for a reason, I had to go on this journey and I am so pleased you joined me for some of it! You have planted a seed of confidence and self belief I know will only grow over the coming years.


I know should I ever need a ‘top up’ (which may never happen) I would not hesitate to come back and see you.


Thanks Again


HS – Sussex UK


Dear Mr. Ridgeway,


after listening to your training courses on my iPad or Android device on a regular basis and for

quite some time now, I am writing this note to express my appreciation.


Having tried other courses from different Hypnotherapists, I’d like you to know that I consider

you as being the most talented and skilled development consultant by far. Your concept and

your voice are unmatched.


My personal favorite is the ‘relax now’ session which actually helps me better to fall asleep

than the ‘sleep now’ session…


Thank you for helping me to relax when I need it most!


All the best,


RS – Denmark


Hi David,

I am a teacher of engineering design at High Technology High School Lincroft, New Jersey which is the 1# best h.s. in the north east and # 1 best STEM h.s. in the us in 2012-13. I recently downloaded the Relax Now app on my iPhone (I use it as an iTouch) and going to locate it for my Android phone. It is amazing how great your voice, accent, and methodology of relaxation in this little app. I wanted to buy a CD version for a few older relatives that do not have an iPod or phone so they can relax themselves to sleep but I haven’t been able to locate a CD version to purchase. Can you help me locate the CD version to purchase a few copies?



Best Regards,





Hi David

I just wanted to message you and let you know how much my daughter and I love your relax now program that we downloaded from itunes.  We both listen to it everynight and both are sleeping better than we ever have.  We look forward to purchasing some more of your programs in the future.

Thank you so much
BR – Western Australia


Hi David !  Greetings from the United States; in the state of Michigan, to be exact.     I’m Deirdre, but I go by DD.     I want to tell you just How much I enjoy your programs!    They are such pleasure to listen to; so relaxing , smooth and Sexy , to boot !    Then I see your picture and I find out that you are very attractive to , so everything combined , you’ve got a ” middle -aged fan ” who is very pleased with my results!    Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you were just introduced to your BIGGEST U.S fan !    Would love to hear back so I’ll know that you received this , but I’ll understand if I don’t .    I’m sure you have Plenty of other things going on.     You take care now.



New Home


Some years ago I sold a business but retained the accommodation above which I lived in with my son. After a couple of months the new owner of the business approached me about renting the apartment for his staff to use, at the time I was not in a position to buy another property so I declined, the apartment was a good size and we were quite happy there but it was near a busy intersection and could get a bit noisy at times. After a while I was asked again if I would rent the apartment as the businessman was finding it hard to get accommodation for his staff so this time I said I would consider it if I could find a suitable home for myself . I racked my brains and checked the local rental agencies but there was nothing that fitted my requirements or budget – then it dawned on me – practice what you preach dummy. So I set about refining my intention.


I wanted a home close enough to town for my sons school and my office. It would need to be quiet and within my limited budget. So I wrote out my order and set it into action using my Positive Syncing method. This was one of my most dynamic and instantaneous results. The very next day I was walking to my office when I bumped into an old acquaintance who in the past I had rented some business premises from. So I asked him if he had or knew of any homes to rent, he said no as he only dealt in commercial property and asked why I was asking, so I told him of my plight. He then seemed to have what I call a light bulb moment and gave me an address telling me to just drive around to look at the outside and check out the location and if I liked it to give him a call.


That afternoon when my son returned from school we drove over to the address and checked out the area- it was about a 30 minute walk to my son’s school and 20 minutes walk to my office, it was in a cul de sac in a very quiet area. So I called my friend and said that the house looked fine and I liked the location and what was the story behind it. It turned out that the house belonged to his daughter who was wanting to move to a bigger home but hadn’t been able to sell this house – he then said if I was willing to rent it from him, he would buy the house from his daughter to allow her to move. I said that sounded fine but how much would he want. He said ‘well this is a private arrangement between ourselves and not a part of his main business’ and asked that I would maintain the property as my own and offered it to me at around half of the market rental – I accepted and moved in a couple of weeks later and spent far longer that I anticipated there and over the years became close friends with my landlord.

So the moral of the story is that I set in motion a chain of events by using Positive Syncing, by doing this I became open and receptive to opportunities to bring about my intention. I would have still bumped into my friend that day but would probably not have asked him about property as I knew he was a commercial businessman and that would have been the end of it and who knows what would have happened otherwise. Also be aware of how the process fitted in with all involved 1. My landlord was able to help his daughter, 2. The staff of the business below got very convenient accommodation, 3. I got a great new home, so every one benefited. And as a footnote to this story, when I eventually moved from the house some years later I went to my friend to tell him I was going and hoped he would be able to find someone to take it over and he smiled broadly and told me that his granddaughter was getting married and he wanted to help her with her first home and that he was worried that he may not be able to because property prices were so high but low and behold I had just solved his problem and she moved in when I left..

DR – Sussex UK


Lauren (Relationship)


This is the story of one of my clients who was having relationship problems – she was an attractive woman in her late 20s and had big trust issues due to being deserted by her father at an early age and her mother’s bitterness over this, reinforcing a low expectation of men. She had had a series of bad relationships in which she had been cheated on and had become very possessive and untrusting. She had been seeing her then current boyfriend on and off for a about a year and was obsessed with him but unable to trust him and yet thought that he was her last chance of finding someone. We worked through her hang-ups with trust and during her treatment we were able to get some closure on the past which helped her to be more relaxed and objective about her current situation. Her boyfriend then left her again for another woman and she was devastated – he was the only one for me – I will never meet anyone again etc.


I had introduced the idea of Positive Syncing to her during our therapeutic sessions so I suggested she gave it a try to help her current unhappy situation.


Firstly – what was her intention? Well she said the obvious, which was to get back with the philandering ex boyfriend and make it work – So I then explained the pitfall of being conditional in the process – if you fix your treatment onto one thing or individual you are narrowing your options almost to zero.


So I asked what are you actually looking for? – she replied Love – I want someone to love and who loves me and I want to be happy and secure and settle down – okay I said now we’re getting somewhere – Your Intention is to have a loving, fulfilling and stable relationship – yes she said and I know if Simon (the ex) were to let me explain – everything would work out – stop there I chided – stop focusing on Simon, I’m not saying that it won’t work out with him but don’t limit yourself. She agreed to give it a try.

We wrote out her order and I guided her through the initial affirmation and gave her some training in maintaining her clarity of purpose. The next time I saw her she was not in the best of spirits and it turned out that she had heard that Simon had got engaged to his new girlfriend and she felt that all hope was now gone – I reminded her of what her intention was and re affirmed it with a new treatment. I asked what her immediate plans were and she said that she had arranged to go on a holiday and stay with an aunt who lived on the coast – she had gone there regularly as a child and occasionally over the past few years – she liked her aunt and needed the rest.


I saw her a few weeks later and she seemed much brighter and almost glowing with life I asked what was going on for her now and she told me that while staying with her aunt she had gone out with the son of her neighbour – a boy who’d she’d known from childhood and that during their time together he had told her that he had always liked her and dreamed that one day they would be together. She realised that this man who she had only thought of as a childhood friend was in fact someone who she felt comfortable to be with and very soon she fell in love with him and was now planning to move to her aunts on a permanent basis to see how things developed.


So the moral of this tale is about being unconditional – she had known and liked her aunts neighbour for years but because she was so fixated with Simon and others she had not even noticed what a great guy he was – but also we must realise that the timing was right for both of them – because she had gone through therapy to help her over the problems of the past – she was more able to trust her judgement and open up to her true feelings.


The outcome – they got married and now have 2 children.


LL – Hampshire UK


The Job


This is a story of how the universe knows what has to happen to make our Intention come to fruition even if it can at first seem negative.


I had a client who was a man in his early 30 s, married with 2 young children. He came to me with stress related problems, he was a sales manager for a small company and was under a lot of pressure to meet targets and often worked very late to keep on top of things. His salary was not great and the family had a big mortgage and credit card debts to maintain, because the children were so young his wife couldn’t work full time and there was a lot of strain on the household budget. I managed to help him to relax and thereby start to see things more objectively. I explained the Positive Syncing method to him but he was very sceptical about it and inferred that it was a bit of mumbo jumbo and not much good in the real world as he put it. Anyway I persuaded him that if that was the case there was no harm in giving it a try. So I asked what his Intention would be if he were to trust in the process. He said I want to spend more time with my family; I want to have enough money to pay my bills and feel secure.


So we created an order and I took him through the affirmation of his intention and he agreed to keep it up over the coming days. I saw him a few weeks later and he was not in the best of moods – he said I told you your Positive Syncing was rubbish and wouldn’t work in the real world – I asked what had happened and was told that the previous week he had been called into his bosses office and had been laid off . So he said how does that help me? I said well what have you done since and he told me that after work that day he had gone to his local bar to drown his sorrows before going home to tell his wife the bad news – and there he had met an old colleague who was now working for a national company and had told him to call him the next day, which he did and arranged an interview with the sales director. The interview was set for the day after he came to see me so I helped him to prepare for it with some confidence boosting treatments and visualisation techniques. When I next saw him he was positively brimming with confidence and joie de vie. What had happened?– he got the job – he worked less hours and his salary was twice that of his old job and his prospects for promotion were very good. So I said what about Positive Syncing? – his reply was’ it got me the sack; Sure it did I said and if you hadn’t got the sack would you have gone to the bar that night? – No he said and would you have got the interview or even have considered applying for a new job? – he admitted that he wouldn’t because he was too busy trying to keep on top of things. So I said getting the sack turned out to be the best thing that could have happened to you to bring about your intention which by the way if you care to remember was Have more Time at home, Have more Money, Feel more secure – how are you feeling now? Okay he admitted that somehow things had worked out for the best and that Positive Syncing may have had some part in it – well I’ll leave it to you to decide what you think.

RP – Sussex UK


Laura (Health)


Laura was a retired public service officer who was referred to me by a homeopath colleague. She suffered from chronic cystitis and had given up on traditional medicine after years of treatment for this painful and distressing complaint. During my analysis of her case we discovered that the most severe attacks only occurred when she was planning to do something pleasurable like go on an outing with friends, which she would have to cancel because the discomfort was so bad.

She had never married partly because of her problem and partly due to her strict upbringing. Her parents belonged to a fundamentalist Christian sect who preached that life was to be endured and not enjoyed. – The only time she had a brief relationship with a boy in her teens she was sent to see an elder who warned her of the error of her ways and the consequences to her and her family. Home life was one of work and strict observance of the book.

Having been successful in her career she was now for the first time in her life, free to do what she would like and she was desperate to be free of cystitis.

The complaint was obviously of a physical nature but as I explained there is no separation between the physical and emotional in the human experience. So when our therapeutic treatment came to an end she was able to understand the impact that her upbringing and subsequent self perpetuating behaviour due to it, had had on her.

I introduced her to the concept of Positive Syncing, which she was very sceptical about but said that she had nothing to lose so would give it a try. We prepared her order and treatment affirming that she was free of pain and discomfort at all times and that she had a right to enjoy her life to the full without guilt or conditions. She was planning a trip with friends to Rome which she was looking forward to with great excitement – she was hoping that this time she would be able to go. I had to remind her that her intention was to go and enjoy herself and that doubt had no part in her treatment, duly ticked off, she reaffirmed her intention, clearly and precisely. A week before her trip she came to see me in great distress and was having one of the most severe attacks of cystitis she had ever had, it was so bad she had made an appointment to go to her doctor for some pain relief. What was more upsetting was her own doctor was away on leave and she had to see a locum. I tried to calm her and reassure her, reminding her of some of the pain relief exercises she had learned and said she should go to the doctor and trust that everything would be okay for her trip. I asked her to come and see me before she left for Rome. When she arrived at my office she looked far more relaxed than I’d seen her before. She told me she was feeling much better and looking forward to a great vacation. It turned out that the locum she saw at the doctors office had specialised in urinary problems and checked through her case notes and realised that she had not been receiving the correct treatment for her problem. She was given some new medication which seemed to have an immediate positive effect which boosted her confidence no end.

So here again we are looking at how the Universe arranges things to bring about our intentions. In Laura’s case she had given up on getting any help from doctors and had tried various other treatments to no avail – but when she made her intention clear using Positive Syncing , events fell into place. Her last attack happened at the time her regular doctor was away and the locum had a greater insight into her condition and was able to help her. Coincidence?

LP – Sussex UK