Mindfulness & Creative Thought

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and guided relaxation techniques such as hypnosis.’Mindfulness’ is based on significant elements of Buddhist traditions. In Buddhist teachings, mindfulness is utilised to develop self-knowledge and wisdom that gradually lead to what is described as enlightenment or the complete freedom from suffering. The recent popularity of mindfulness in the modern context is generally considered to have been initiated by Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Studies have shown that rimination and worry contribute to mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, and that mindfulness-based interventions are effective in the reduction of both rumination and worry.

Psychology and psychiatry since the 1970s have developed a number of therapeutic applications based on mindfulness for helping people who are experiencing a variety of psychological conditions. For example, mindfulness practice is being employed to reduce depression symptoms, to reduce stress, anxiety, and in the treatment of addictions. The practice of mindfulness also appears to provide numerous therapeutic benefits to people with psychosis, and may also be a preventive strategy to halt the development of mental health problems.

Clinical studies have documented both physical and mental health benefits of mindfulness in different patient categories as well as in healthy adults and children. Programs based on Kabat-Zinn’s and similar models have been widely adopted in schools, prisons, hospitals, military veterans’ centres, and other environments, and mindfulness programs have been applied for additional outcomes such as for healthy ageing, weight management, athletic performance, for children with special needs, and as an intervention during the perinatal period.

My mindfulness treatments are focused on the individual clients needs and are tailored to enable the practical application of the discipline in their every day life. Being ‘Mindful’ helps to promote clarity of thought and the ability to cope with lifes ups and downs. It is a great medium for the application of creative thinking.

Q: What is Creative Thought?

A: The process of synchronising Thought, Belief & Action (Mental, Emotional & Physical) with Intention in order to create and attract desired outcomes, whether physical, emotional or material.

Based on ancient and modern philosophies which extol the power of human thought and belief on the creative process. In other words there is nothing new or radical about Positive Syncing – it is simply the peeling back of the layers of mystery and doctrines, which have shrouded this knowledge, Creative Thought is an accessible simplified yet powerful system of utilising the law of attraction to bring about positive change.

Over many years in therapeutic and motivation practice with clients from all walks of life, the study of many faiths and belief systems from around the world and by observing the mind-set of successful people in all fields of endeavour, I have developed a methodology of Creative Thought and have made this powerful process of positive change available to all.

Whoever you are, whatever background you come from, Creative Thinking will help you to achieve your goals and break out of negative cycles which may have been sabotaging your efforts and diluting your self esteem and confidence. Nothing is too big or too small – you can achieve whatever ‘you believe’ is possible for you.

Q: How Does it Work?

A: It is said that ‘Chance Favours the Prepared Mind’ and that is precisely what Creative Thought is about – preparing the mind to notice and accept opportunities that present themselves once the clear ‘Intention’ has been identified and the process put into action.

1. Taking Responsibility. Once we accept responsibly for our own experiences we can set about changing them. If you are forever blaming others for your lot – you are stuck.

2. Decide your what your ‘Intention’ is. What do you want to change or attract to you. You must have a clear, precise vision of what you want.

3. Create a Positive Thought Programme. Tailoring your thoughts to take ownership of your ‘Intension’.

4. Actions. Behaving in a manner which is conducive with your ‘Intention’

5.Awareness and Acknowledgement. Noticing evidence of the creative process in action – no matter how small, Accepting and celebrating the results with gratitude.

6. Reinforcing and Modifying. Creating a regular (daily or weekly etc.) maintenance regime of strengthening and if necessary adjusting your intention.

7. Patience. Some results can manifest almost instantaneously, some can take longer – so tenacity and trust in the process are paramount. Everything arrives when the time and conditions are right.

———— o ————-

By their very nature my personal consultations and treatments are specific to my clients individual needs and take the form of an analysis of the current situation and what may be causing progress inertia. We then create a ‘Treatment’ to initiate positive change.

There are many things to consider when making changes of whatever magnitude or type and therefore the initial consultation helps identify any likely pitfalls and possible unexpected outcomes – positive or negative. It is a dynamic and exciting exercise which will, if fully engaged with, bring about a lasting and fulfilling boost to self esteem.

There are no limits or restrictions to what you may achieve as long as it is positive and will be of benefit to all involved – ‘think good you get good – think bad you get bad’ The system is impartial, it’s how you use it that effects you and like attracts like, so be expansive and be inclusive.

If you have a dream or desire that you feel would be impossible to have – then you are being restrictive and will limit your success. When you set a goal it must match your ‘Mental Equivalent’ in other words you must be able to believe that at some level you can achieve your goal. This does not mean you can’t or will never get what you want, it just means that you may be better to proceed in stages and as you become comfortable with each step, so your ‘comfort zone’ expands to eventually include the ultimate outcome.

When you set Creative Thought into action you must allow the process of change and attraction to take it’s own course – don’t make the mistake of trying to control or direct the way it should work, by attempting this you are being restrictive. When you embark on the creative process you must become ‘unconditional’, in other words let the universe decide what the best way of bringing your goal into fruition should be. If you want more money for instance and believe the only way to get is by winning the lottery or breaking the bank in Las Vegas, then you are being restrictive and it may never happen. So be ‘open and receptive’ to all opportunities that present themselves. Likewise if you are looking for love – don’t focus your energy onto an individual who you may believe is the only one for you right now – you may get a nasty shock when you realise they are only human after all. Who knows what chance encounter is around the corner for you.

To sum up Creative Thought works in all areas of human endeavour – Personal or Professional – Physical or Emotional – Material or Ethereal. All you need to do is ‘Change Your Mind’ and anything is possible.

What is Your Intention?

  • You will be taught how to:
  • Use relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques to help focus your mind and visualise your intention.
  • Create Positive Statements or Affirmations to reinforce your goal and motivate you.
  • Use ‘Dynamic Tapping’ to help eliminate mental, emotional and physical blocks to progress and align the creative positive energies towards achievement.
  • Change negative behaviour patterns. (if you want things to be different perhaps you need to act differently).
  • Build more rewarding relationships. (be open to the benefits of sharing and connecting with others)

How do I get started?


This a one to one ‘treatment’ programme in which I set out to help apply the process of positive Syncing in a specific area of life that the client wishes to change or improve. Usually carried out by phone or video link by appointment only, in English and to fit in with the various world time zones.


I am here to teach you and mentor you the Creative Thought philosophy for personal or professional use. These can be live in person and can be arranged in most locations dependant on numbers and availability. Internet courses are also available.


Specific Treatments can be carried out via email – with suggestions of how to action a particular Intension and follow the process through.

Personal Consultation (Face to Face)

Depending on location and availability it is possible to work with me personally.

For a list of my fees please go to the Treatments Shop.

Recorded Treatments

I have a range of recordings available on specific subjects which are designed to help the listener to instigate Positive Change, they are available by mp3 download or phone and tablet apps in most formats. Please find them in the Treatment Shop.