Weight Control and Body Imaging

Our physical appearance and the way we present ourselves to the outside world is very important to us. It effects our self esteem and the impression that we give to others.

In today’s society there are many pressures and influences which effect the way we view ourselves. The advertising industry portrays images which many of us find hard or impossible to live up to, leaving us feeling in some ways inadequate. There is a tendency to ‘buy into the illusion’.

When we are not happy with or disillusioned with our appearance other symptoms can prevail, depression, frustration, stress and the development of bad habits which create even more negative feelings.

There are countless diets, exercise regimes, cosmetic treatments and procedures that can help to alleviate problems but they often only result in limited or temporary improvements. To achieve a permanent solution it is necessary to understand the root cause of the problem.

Within the subconscious mind a self image has been developed by years of conditioning which has resulted in the present physical outcome. The primary plan is set by the genetic imprints of parentage. However as we develop, various psychological influences and resultant habitual behaviour alter the original concept. Our most powerful asset is the mind; by tailoring our thought processes to utilise the resources of the subconscious we can achieve amazing changes in our physical and emotional being.

Using therapeutic and motivational techniques including hypnosis to create a new mental image starts the process of change and activates the inner resources to bring about the desired results. By itís very nature the process is tailored to the individual and each case is assessed to match the clientís needs.

It is well documented that some illnesses are psychosomatic in origin and that a positive mental attitude can bring about seemingly miraculous cures to many physical ailments. By Utilising the same processes of mind physical changes can be achieved.

Weight Control

In many cases weight problems are the result of bad eating and lifestyle habits which have been established over a period of time. Eating is one of the most pleasurable experiences in life and it is difficult to deprive oneself of this enjoyment. The Weight Control Program has been developed to change eating patterns to achieve a balanced controlled diet and proactively maintain the desired results.

Body Imaging

Many people become fixated with specific parts of their anatomy and go to great lengths to change or hide the particular aspect with which they are unhappy. Exersise, diet and various surgical procedures are employed in the attempt to find ‘perfection’. By using deep relaxation and imaging techniques to focus the body’s own resources on specific parts of the anatomy great improvements are made. As in all treatments it is important to establish the mental equivalent of the desired effect, i.e. understand what the desired effect actually is. This is achieved by releasing old patterns of thought and instigating an incontestable new system. Bust enhancement, reduction in hips and thighs, increase in muscle size and firmness can be achieved.

Gastric Band Treatment

During Gastric Band Treatment the client is taken through a virtual surgical procedure to fit a stomach reducing device. The outcome is to sub consciously reduce the amount of food that can be eaten before feeling full. This treatment has been very successful with those needing that extra boost to their resolve to stop over eating.

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